Preacher Blames “Fear-Mongering Media” After Sparking Panic By Shouting About Doomed Sinners During Movie

The Christian Post reports:

Pastor Michael Webber made national headlines last week when his preaching at a movie theater in Redlands, California, following a showing of the “Avengers” caused people to run for their lives and led to his arrest on a misdemeanor charge.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Webber, the 28-year-old pastor of Truth & Triumph Ministries, said he often evangelizes at movie theaters. But following a showing of the “Avengers” on the evening of April 26 the lights in the theater were still off when he began to preach, and he believes that’s what led to the chaos of people running for the exits and some being injured as they tried to escape.

Webber said, “With reports almost daily that someone has killed multiple people in the news, it’s understandable that people were frightened when they heard someone shout ‘shooter.’ And seeing how much of the news coverage was not only inaccurate but blatant lies, I can’t help but think that fear-mongering on the part of the media plays a large role in people’s fears.”

As I reported last week, some panicked patrons leapt from the theater’s balcony and one woman was hospitalized after being trampled.