Pat Robertson: God Might Cure Your Disease But If You Aren’t “Filled With The Spirit,” It’ll Come Back [VIDEO]

Yesterday Pat Robertson read a letter from a woman who wanted to know why God allowed her unnamed disease to recur when she had already delivered a prayer of thanks for curing her the first time. According to Robertson, God sent the disease back because she wasn’t “filled with the spirit.”

Hemant Mehta provides us with the transcript:

Remember Jesus gave a teaching about a demon. He said, you know, after the demon is cast out of a person, he goes in the air and land, seeking someplace, and then he goes back to the house that he left. And he finds it swept and garnished, and he brings seven more worse than Himself.

So disease, you know, has a certain life to it. Some diseases, they’re like animate creatures, and they want to go back to the house where they live. And you have to fill that void with something.

And that’s what the teaching was: you have to be filled with the spirit of God. And that disease is gone. But you somehow welcome it back. It isn’t God putting it back. The disease wants to come back, and you receive it. So you have to begin to stand against these things.