Orthodox Jew Behind Pro-Nazi Fake News Site

Alex Kaplan reports at Media Matters:

An American-born man who has defended the white supremacist gathering in Charlottesville, VA, runs a website that has repeatedly spread fake news and linked to fake news websites. The site, called Jews News, was founded and is run by a man named Eliyokim Cohen, who grew up in Boston, MA, before moving to Israel.

In a 2017 interview, he claimed that his site is “an aggregator” of “conservative news” that takes “snippets of articles from all over the world” to “inundate people’s [Facebook] walls with the truth” and to give those linked sites “free traffic,” adding that the media are “about as unreliable as you can get now.”

The site has a large following on Facebook, with nearly 1.5 million followers, and calls itself “the world’s largest and most active Jewish Facebook page.”

The list of insane claims promoted by Jews News almost puts Alex Jones to shame. Almost. But as we’ve seen with the homocon fake news sites Your News Wire and Gateway Pundit, self-hatred is hardly a rare thing for extremists.