ORLANDO: Interim Pulse Memorial Opens [VIDEO]

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

The onePULSE Foundation is unveiling the Orlando nightclub’s “interim” memorial today, designed to be a temporary tribute to the victims and survivors of the 2016 mass shooting. During a dedication ceremony this morning, Pulse nightclub owner and onePULSE Foundation founder Barbara Poma thanked local companies that contributed to the project. She also praised the survivors and family members of victims who helped guide its design. “They gave selflessly to make decisions for those who could not,” she said.

From the onePULSE Foundation:

As part of the interim memorial design, the iconic Pulse sign has been enhanced and a new fence placed around the perimeter of the nightclub itself. It will remain standing until the permanent memorial and museum designs are selected. Along the fence, features, including panels and murals, honor the 49 angels who were taken and commemorate the days following the tragedy when Orlando and supporters around the country and throughout the world came together to grieve and support the families, survivors and first responders. The iconic Pulse fountain, which had been destroyed by gunfire, has also been restored.