NRA Spox Dana Loesch Complains That Media Refers To “Mass Shootings” But Never Mentions “Mass Knifings”

“Now the stats that they’re citing, that in the United States, which they say has 270 million firearms, there have been 90 ‘mass shootings,’ — well, what they call mass shootings, which often aren’t mass shootings at all — they cite from between 1966 to 2012. And they further claim that among all countries with far fewer guns, there have been less of these mass shootings.

“Mass shooting is such a funny description anyways because we don’t call them mass knifings when they happen in the U.K., a country more than happy to have the kinds of laws that the New York Times editorial page apparently approves of. Suddenly it’s a murder spree or a mass casualty incident. But when a gun is involved, it’s called a mass shooting, and that’s so the focus remains on the firearm.” – NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch, referring to this Charles Blow column.