MANHATTAN: Trump Organization Demands Names Of Condo Owners Who Want His Name Off Their Building

The Washington Post reports:

The condo board at a Manhattan high-rise called “Trump Place” will be in court on Thursday morning, asking a judge’s permission to take that name down off the building’s facade. Last year the board at 200 Riverside began to consider taking down its own signs — after some residents complained that the Trump name might reduce their property values in liberal New York.

But then, one of the Trump Organization’s lawyers threatened them with legal action — saying that under the terms of an 18 year-old licensing agreement, the building was bound by a licensing agreement to display the Trump name. The Trump Organization has asked for details about which building residents complained about the Trump sign, and which ones supported keeping it.

The Trump Organization manages but doesn’t own the building and wouldn’t lose any money if the name comes down, but Eric Trump tells the Post that keeping the name is important to preserving Glorious Leader’s legacy as a developer. Last year he threatened to sue the condo board, a tactic he has used against residents against other Trump-branded properties.