KANSAS: GOP Gov To Sign Anti-LGBT Adoption Bill

The Wichita Eagle reports:

A bill that ensures faith-based adoption agencies can turn away gay and lesbian couples based on religious beliefs will be signed into law by Gov. Jeff Colyer. Kansas lawmakers passed the legislation after an intense debate early Friday. One suggested the need for the legislation proves the existence of the “homosexual agenda” while another said the bill judges people.

The Senate approved the bill 24-15 at 1:51 a.m. Friday after the House passed it Thursday night, 63-58. The bill had been dormant for weeks before lawmakers revived and passed it in a matter of hours.

“Catholic Charities and other adoption agencies are key to the fabric of our communities. I look forward to signing this bill because it increases the opportunities for needy children to find loving homes,” Colyer said in a statement early Friday.

Coyler became governor in January when Trump tapped former Gov. Sam Brownback to be US Ambassador for International Religious Freedom. A similar bill reached the desk of Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin yesterday. She’s not yet said if she’ll sign it.