JMG Newsletter Launch: Daily Recaps To Your Inbox

As some of you may have already noticed, there’s now a small box on the top right of JMG to sign up for our new daily recap of JMG items. Here’s the direct link. The list of subscribers can’t be sold or shared and there’s a one-click unsubscribe function.

For those of you here every day to hover over my every word, the newsletter might point out overlooked posts, but it will be most useful to the readers who visit less regularly. And believe or not, even some of your familiar regulars do take days off from this here website thingy from time to time. The JMG newsletter is the first item on the list of changes I mentioned in our fourteenth blogiversary post and other fun new stuff will follow soon.

And here’s a huge thank you and a hairy bear hug to everybody who hit the JMG tip jar in our anniversary post. You guys are fantastic. PayPal sent me individual notices for most of you and I sent a note of gratitude to almost everybody, but there were a few threaded notices that mysteriously vanished from my inbox. I tried to track those email addresses on the PayPal dashboard to no avail, so if you didn’t hear from me, I am so sorry. But still grateful!

Hey you guys, here comes summer FIFTEEN of JMG!