Homocon Fake News Site Claims Israel Nuked Syria

Media Matters reports:

A branch of the Russian-owned news outlet Sputnik reported as real a fake story that Israel had used a nuclear weapon on Syria from YourNewsWire, a fake news site that experts have described as a proxy and a pusher of Russian-supported narratives.

On April 30, Israel launched a missile attack on facilities in Syria allegedly connected to Iran and its proxies. YourNewsWire, a site known for its fake stories, published a piece baselessly claiming that Israel had used a “tactical nuclear bomb on Syria” in “the first nuclear bomb deployed in armed conflict since the US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945,” according to unnamed “local reports.” The site, to back up its claim, linked to a Facebook video of an explosion that says nothing about nuclear weapons.

As fact-checking sites Lead Stories and Snopes noted, there is no proof that there was any nuclear attack. Not even Syria’s state-run news agency reported such a claim.

Last fall I reported that YourNewsWire was founded by the British couple that made history in 2014 when they married one minute after it became legal in England and Wales.

The site most recently appeared on JMG when they went viral with a false claim that the latest flu vaccine was in fact causing a massive flu outbreak.