Giuliani Tells State TV That Jeff Sessions Should Shut Down Mueller And “Say Enough’s Enough” [VIDEO]

Via Mediaite:

Rudy Giuliani appeared on Fox & Friends Thursday morning in the wake of his bombshell interview with Sean Hannity — and called on the Attorney General to step in and shut down the Russia probe. “Everybody forgets, the basis of the case is dead,” Giuliani said. “Sessions should step in and close it. And say enough’s enough.”

Host Brian Kilmeade countered that Mueller and his investigators do not agree, referencing their questions for Trump which leaked. “But Mr. Mayor, you look at the questions, they don’t think collusion’s dead,” Kilmeade said.

“But they’re ridiculous questions, what did you think, what did you feel, what were you dreaming,” Giuliani snarked. “I thought Freud wrote them. What they’re really trying to do is trap him in perjury,” Giuliani concluded. “And we’re not suckers.”