Florida State Rep: Dolls Are Possessed By Demons

Democratic Florida state Rep. Kim Daniels, an exorcist preacher whose bill requiring all public schools to display “In God We Trust” goes into effect this summer, has some thoughts about dolls in her new book on witchcraft.

“Most idolatry is rooted in fetishism,” Daniels writes. “Simply put, a fetish is an object with a spirit attached to it. If we’re not vigilant, we can open doors to familiar spirits in our lives and homes simply by the items we possess and the practices we keep.”

In writing on fetishism and idolatry, Daniels goes back in history to when dolls had spiritual value attached to them. In religions and occult practices, dolls were used as supernatural intermediaries to confer favor, represent gods and enact witchcraft.

Daniels warns readers to avoid things with occult origins, as they give the enemy access points into our homes. The subtle yet familiar influences can be especially damaging because they can go undetected in your life for years. Breaking the Power of Familiar Spirits shows why the church must no longer view the world with only natural eyes. Christians must see what hides within the spiritual realm.

Last year Daniels went on Facebook Live to pray against the witches attacking Trump. Her “In God We Trust” bill was approved in a 97-10 vote by the Florida House and was signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott. Daniels also made news earlier this year when she thanked God for slavery because otherwise she “might be somewhere in Africa worshiping a tree.”