Christian Site: God Told Us He’s Released A “Flaming Torch” To Protect Trump And Incinerate His Enemies

From the far-right Charisma News:

Over the past several weeks, God showed me numerous attacks that the enemy is attempting to make against our president, Donald Trump. As I was praying about the attacks against our president, the Lord began to connect the dots. He started showing me how this person was connected to that group, and that group was connected to another group; and how particular events weren’t accidents, but rather planned out; and also how particular statement weren’t just comments blurted against him, but were strategic in nature.

As I was praying about all of this over the last three weeks, this is what the Lord said over the President of the United States:

“I have released a flaming torch that will go before you. This torch will reveal the snares of your enemy before you step your foot. This torch will outnumber your adversaries to the hundreds. I have set before you a flame that will not burn out.

“This flame will incinerate the entangled cords and secretly hidden snares that have been set within your path. You will not trip over stones, nor will you fall into deep pits. I have lit the way before you. I will take one mistake from your enemies and cause it to go into another mistake; even then I will still reveal one more.

“Your enemies will walk from mistake to mistake. I have released a flaming torch that has gone before you; this burning flame will be like a ‘bull-shark of a man’ against your adversaries. He will route your enemies into retreat and defeat.”