CHATTER AWAY: Overnight Open Thread

In case you missed this sidebar to the Roseanne furor:

Donald Trump Jr. retweeted some of the offensive tweets posted by Roseanne Barr before her show was canceled Tuesday — calling billionaire George Soros a Nazi “who turned in his fellow Jews.” After falsely claiming that Chelsea ​Clinton ​is married to Soros’ nephew, Barr responded ​with ​an “apology” that included a bizarre conspiracy-mongering rant about the Democratic donor — which the president’s son then relayed to his 2.84 million followers.

The disgraced comedian then followed up with a second tweet, which was also retweeted by Trump Jr., saying: “Soros’ goal; the overthrow of us constitutional republic by buying/backing candidates 4 local district attorney races who will ignore US law & favor ‘feelings’ instead-and call everyone who is alarmed by that ‘racist’.” Soros, a Jew, was a child when the Nazis occupied ​his homeland ​Hungary.

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