Bill Donohue Mocks House FreeThought Caucus Because There’s No Such Thing As Separation Of Church/State

Just in from Catholic League blowhard Bill Donohue:

A congressional club for atheists? Yes, one was founded this week, but it did not get off to a roaring start: Of the 535 members of Congress, we can count on one hand how many members there are: four. There are probably more left-handed vegans on Capitol Hill than that.

So who are the members of the Congressional FreeThought Caucus? Not surprisingly, they are all Democrats (this is the Party that threw God out of the 2012 Platform).

They say they want to protect the secular character of the federal government and separation of church and state. This claim is bogus. The Declaration of Independence makes four references to God, holding that our inalienable rights come from our Creator, not politicians.

The First Amendment protects religious liberty – something they fail to mention – and its reference to prohibiting “an establishment of religion” does not support their position: it was crafted precisely to guarantee religious liberty, not separation of church and state (which is nowhere mentioned in the Constitution).

Their other claim, opposing discrimination on the basis of beliefs, is likewise bogus: none of the four has a record of opposing discrimination against practicing Christians. More important, it is not atheists who are stigmatized in our society today, it is the faithful.

From college campuses to media pundits and comedians, atheists are almost never the target of insults. No, the bigots save their heat for Christians. Recruiting new members will not be easy. How many people want to join a club where everyone sits around discussing why they believe in nothing? Can’t imagine it taking too long.