ALABAMA: Gay Lawmaker Suggests Gov. Kay Ivey Is A Closeted Lesbian, Ivey Spox Calls It A “Disgusting Lie”

The Birmingham Herald reports:

Patricia Todd, Alabama’s only openly gay state legislator, posted comments on social media Tuesday night suggesting that Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey is gay. Todd, who is not seeking re-election to office this year, posted the comments on Facebook and Twitter.

The Ivey campaign denied the accusation. “This is a disgusting lie being pushed by a paid liberal political hack,” said Debbee Hancock, Ivey campaign spokeswoman. “There is absolutely no truth to it.”

In a follow-up email from seeking more information about the phrase “paid liberal political hack” in the initial statement by the Ivey campaign, Hancock said of Todd, “She’s a professional paid left-wing political activist.”

Earlier this month Todd was named director of the One Orlando Alliance, which formed after the Pulse massacre. Gov. Kay Ivey is twice-divorced, currently single, and has no children.