POLL: 48% Of Republicans Say Millions Voted Illegally

Trump lies about everything because he knows it works.

Forty-eight percent of Republicans in the HuffPost/YouGov poll said they believe as many as 5 million votes were cast illegally, compared to 17 percent who said they do not. More than one-third of Republican respondents, 35 percent, said they are unsure.

A majority of Democratic respondents, 51 percent, said they don’t believe millions of people voted illegally. Approximately one-quarter of Democrats said they believe millions of ballots were cast illegally, while the other 26 percent said they are unsure.

More than one-quarter of all respondents, 28 percent, said they believed millions of illegal votes were cast, pollsters found. Roughly one-third of all voters said the opposite and roughly one-third said they are unsure.