Zircon & Burlap Accuse House Democrats Of Being Paid Off By Mark Zuckerberg To Silence Them [VIDEO]

“What I was appalled and what we were offended by was you have these representatives sitting there as if we had no merit and no claim, and they were being very dismissive. My thing is, I thought they worked for the American people. Why are you questioning me about a FEC report? How much money did Mark Zuckerberg allegedly pay you all? Why are you questioning us about that and not questioning us about how we were censored?

“I felt offended as an American, born on this soil, that first black people — that don’t want us to obtain the American dream and, second, they dismissed our claim, yes, a DACA person can go up there that’s not even born on this soil and they listen all day. So I don’t understand that. But, listen, we’re not going to be silenced.” – Zircon or Burlap (no idea which is which), speaking this morning on Fox & Friends.