Tucker Carlson Distracts With Sex-Crazed Pandas

New York Magazine reports:

Yesterday wasn’t exactly the slowest of news days: A sitting senator gave birth while in office for the first time ever, the Bill Cosby retrial started, and FBI agents raided the home and office of Donald Trump’s personal lawyer.  But Fox News host Tucker Carlson didn’t want to get into any of those boring stories. Instead, he wanted to expose pandas for what they really are: horny. Inspired by the recent Wall Street Journal story, “The Uncuddly Truth About Pandas,” Carlson was eager to disprove all the #fakenews about the bears.

Mediaite reports:

After explaining that pandas “could easily kill you if they felt like it,” Carlson pointed out that male pandas love sex but just hate “unsexy zoos.” But in the wild, per Tucker, males will have sex as much as 40 times in a single afternoon. (Yes, all this was really said.) Twitter, obviously, had an absolute field day with the segment, especially considering Carlson largely avoided the big Cohen news during his show.