Junior Launches YouTube Shooter Tweetstorm

Mediaite reports:

Donald Trump Jr. was on a Twitter bender Tuesday night that went well into Wednesday morning, furiously posting and retweeting hot takes about the YouTube HQ shooting that left a suspected gunman dead and three wounded.

In one tweet, Don Jr. bashed YouTube and Instagram, suggesting that the platforms only shut down mass shooters’s accounts if they are NRA members, “as opposed to liberal Vegan PETA activists.”

Don Jr. also retweeted a post from Peter Sweden — who happens to be a right-wing vlogger, anti-Semite and Holocaust denier — in order to slam liberals for their criticisms of the NRA in the wake of shootings.

UPDATE: Alex Van Ness doesn’t want to be lumped in with Holocaust deniers. He writes me: “Fuck Holocaust deniers! They are garbage.”