TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO: Christians To Rally Against “Cancer” Of LGBT Rights Ahead Of Buggery Ruling

The Trinidad Express reports:

People who identify themselves as gay, lesbian, homosexual or transgender should not have the same rights as “normal” people. That is the view expressed by the Christian non-governmental organisation, T&T Cause. The group is led by Bishop Keith Ramdass, Bishop Dr Victor Gill and Vernon De Leon and was formed “to resist the tide of immorality sweeping across our nation”.

The NGO held a media conference at Redemption Worship Centre, Chaguanas yesterday to promote their agenda and advertise a rally and march against same-sex marriage, which they say will follow if the buggery laws are repealed. “Same sex marriage is a cancer. We must keep the buggery laws, if it is removed it is a slippery slope to same sex marriage,” said the group’s communication officer Aquila Holder.

The group seemed to contradict itself several times, saying that they love and respect gay people but not homosexuality and could not explain that contradiction. They also contended that if the anti-buggery laws are repealed, it would mean that homosexual rights trumped heterosexual rights.

A ruling in the buggery repeal case is expected from the High Court on April 12th. Trinidad and Tobago, population 1.3 million, became independent from Great Britain in 1962.