Gowdy: My Benghazi Probe Wasn’t “Hyper Focused” On Hillary, She Was Just One Of A Hundred Witnesses

“The reality is, with respect to Benghazi, I did everything I could to handle that like a normal investigation. I was not hyper focused on Secretary Clinton. Lots of other people were, including people in your — with respect — in your line of work. It’s not interesting enough to simply find out how our folks were rescued from the annex. If it didn’t involve her, folks weren’t interested in it.  So, out of a hundred witnesses, one was named Clinton. And out of all the hearings we had, zero were about her e-mail. But yet, that’s the narrative that’s imprinted. And it’s one reason I can’t wait to be out of politics frankly.” – GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy, speaking today on Face The Nation.

A little fact check:

The Benghazi committee lasted from May 2014 to December 2016 and cost nearly $8 million. Late last year, it was revealed that Gowdy used $150,000 of public funds to settle a complaint from a former aide who said he was fired because he wasn’t willing to focus his investigative work on Clinton.