Tony Perkins: It’s “Fake News” That Evangelicals Are Planning Sit-Down With Trump Over Stormy Daniels

“The president is actually keeping his promises that he made two years ago and so his agenda is actually in jeopardy – which is an agenda that we agree with – is in jeopardy because so many evangelicals and conservatives are frustrated with Congress and they are likely not to show up and vote in the fall. We need to communicate to evangelical leaders the importance of conservatives, evangelicals, Christians being involved in the process.

“This has nothing to do with the controversy of Stormy Daniels. It is not a confrontational meeting, it is a continuation of a conversation. At no point in the conversations that we’ve had organizing this was there any discussion at all about doing this to have a confrontational meeting with the president.

“It is not going to be a confrontational meeting with the president. That is just absolutely not true because that’s not what we are hearing. It might be what the media wants to take place, but it’s not going to happen.” – Tony Perkins, telling Todd Starnes that today’s NPR report is “fake news.” According to Starnes and Perkins, somebody is trying to sabotage the meeting. The NPR report cites four sources.