Todd Starnes Melts Down Over “Filthy, Vile” Press Gala Jokes: Trump Should Ban Reporters From White House

Fox News screecher Todd Starnes is ever so pissed:

The White House Correspondents Dinner was supposed to be a celebration of the First Amendment but it quickly devolved into an x-rated, anti-Trump smut fest. The nation watched as preening journalists – decked out in tuxedos and sparkly gowns – guzzled copious amounts of wine and guffawed as a second-rate comedian spewed p-words and f-bombs and all sorts of vulgarities.

So I believe it’s time for some punitive measures. It’s time for President Trump to give the White House Press Corps the heave-ho. Let them find some other place to spew their vulgar lies and half-truths and slander. The Trump Administration had briefly considered moving White House press conferences to the Executive Office Building but those plans were scuttled after journalists pitched a hissy fit.

Well, I say the president should make good on those plans. The first order of business Monday morning should be to padlock the press briefing rooms doors – quickly followed by fumigators. Throw the bums out, Mr. President.