Roy Moore Sues Accuser For Slander And Libel

The Birmingham News reports:

Roy Moore has filed a counterclaim against Leigh Corfman, who has accused the former U.S. Senate candidate of making unwanted sexual advances and filed a defamation lawsuit against Moore in January. Moore, in filings late Monday by his new attorney, also asked the Montgomery County court to stop all proceedings in the case pending a ruling by the Alabama Civil Court of Appeals made by Moore on a lower court’s ruling.

In the counterclaim, Moore alleges, “The statements made by Leigh Corfman were slanderous, libelous and were of such magnitude as to amount to defamation of Mr. Moore. No evidence other than the self-serving testimony of Leigh Corfman exists to support her contention that she was sexually abused or pursued romantically by Mr. Moore when she was fourteen years of age.”

As you can see, Moore’s money beg isn’t doing so great.