REPORT: White House Officials Feed Talking Points To Fox News Guests Because Trump Will Believe Them

The Washington Post reports:

The president usually begins his morning with the “Fox & Friends” show on Fox News, often sending tweets that correspond with the show’s headlines and programming. The show even partially fueled his decision this week to call for sending National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border.

He also watches Sean Hannity’s show in the evenings, regularly calling the host before or after the program to test ideas or give feedback. And he considers Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs a close adviser.

Aides sometimes plot to have guests make points on Fox that they have been unable to get the president to agree to in person. “He will listen more when it is on TV,” a senior administration official said.

According to the Post, Trump’s favorite weekend show is Jeanine Pirro’s and White House officials “rotate” their appearances on the show because they know he’ll be watching. And to prevent him from calling into the show himself.