Pro-Trump PAC: We’re Keeping Steve Wynn’s Money

Two months ago after then-RNC finance chair Steve Wynn resigned his post amid multiple sexual harassment accusations, RNC chair Ronna McDaniel said they’d only consider returning his huge donations “after the investigations play out.” Which brings us to today:

Wynn gave $500,000 to America First Action Super PAC on Jan. 23, just days before the first reports of his alleged harassment of women were published, according to first-quarter financial data from the Federal Election Commission.

CNBC asked the group whether it has any intention of returning the contribution following the stories of Wynn’s alleged misconduct. “We’re not returning the donation,” a spokeswoman for America First said.

CNBC then asked the spokeswoman whether the group plans to accept future donations from Wynn. “Why do you ask? Did he offer?” she wrote back in an email, suggesting that America First would be willing to keep its financial coffers open for potential Wynn contributions.

Democrats, of course, rushed to return their donations from Harvey Weinstein after HIS scandal blew up and the right wing fever swamps went to town.