One Million Moms: Keep Your Kids Home On Friday If Their School Opposes The Bullying Of LGBT Students

Via email from One Million Moms leader Monica Cole:

On Friday, April 27, high schools (and many middle schools) across the country will be hosting the LGBT movement’s annual “Day of Silence.” During this all-day event, student activists and even school officials encourage students to be silent for the entire day as a sign of solidarity with the international LGBT movement.

Students are encouraged to wear special pro-homosexual badges, stickers, and bracelets – which are often handed out at the school entrances that day. There are also pro-LGBT posters in the hallways, handouts, and even workshops.

You can actively oppose this hijacking of the classroom for political purposes and help de-politicize the learning environment by keeping your child out of school if your child’s school participates, promotes or allows “Day of Silence” activities.

Call your local schools and ask whether they permit students or teachers to remain silent in the classroom on “Day of Silence.” IMPORTANT: Do not ask any administrator, school board member, or teacher if the school sponsors, endorses, or supports DOS. Schools do not technically sponsor the Day of Silence.

Find out what date the event is planned for your school and warn other parents. (The national date in 2018 is Friday, April 27, but some schools observe DOS on a different date).  Inform the school of your intention to keep your children home on that date and explain why.

RELATED: Focus On The Family has quietly ended its competing “Day Of Dialogue” in which Christian students are instructed to tell gay kids that they’re going to burn in hell. FOTF took the event over from Alliance Defending Freedom in 2011. According to FOTF, students should be free to harass gay kids on any day of the year. In reality, as our friend Hemant Mehta notes at the link, it’s more likely that young Christians aren’t so keen to take part anymore.