OKLAHOMA: GOP Governor Mocks Striking Teachers, Compares Them To “Teenagers Wanting A Better Car”

CBS News reports:

For the third day, thousands of Oklahoma teachers marched at the state capitol. Inside the rotunda, educators, and hundreds of their students demanded an increase in school funding.

On Tuesday, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed a bill giving teacher-support staff, like teachers’ aides and janitors, a $1,250 raise. Last week, she signed a measure that gave teachers a $6,000 pay raise, but only added an additional $50 million to school funding. Teachers were asking for $200 million more.

“Teachers want more,” Fallin said. “But it’s kind of like a teenager wanting a better car.” The average teacher in Oklahoma earns $45,000 a year, with VOA reporting the state is among the lowest paying in the U.S. for educators.