Not One Anti-LGBT Bill Has Passed So Far This Year

The Associated Press reports:

In a striking shift from recent years, major legislation curtailing LGBT rights has been completely stymied in state capitols around the country this year amid anxiety by Republican leaders over igniting economic backlash if they are depicted as discriminatory.

In the thick of this year’s legislative sessions, LGBT activists were tracking about 120 proposed bills that they viewed as threats to their civil rights. Not one of them has been enacted as many sessions now wind down; only two remain under serious consideration.

A key factor in the shift: In the Republican-led states where these types of bills surface, moderate GOP lawmakers and business leaders are increasingly wary of losing conventions, sporting events and corporate headquarters. North Carolina, Indiana and Arizona were among the states that faced similar backlash in recent years over such legislation.

The only two anti-LGBT bills still active are the attempts to curtail adoption rights in Oklahoma and Kansas. A similar bill came close to passage in Georgia earlier this year but is now dead. Seven other states enacted such bills in previous years.

Despite the good news seen above, the worst news of all could still come, not from the state legislatures, but from the Supreme Court when they rule in Masterpiece.