MASTER RACE: The Crying Nazi Is Back In Jail

The Loudoun Times reports:

An Albemarle Circuit Court judge changed bond conditions for Chris Cantwell Thursday, ruling that he will be held behind bars until he gets an alcohol monitoring bracelet, according to a report by NBC 29 in Charlottesville. The judge reportedly said she believes Cantwell could pose a public danger when drinking.

When he was arrested in Leesburg for public intoxication, Cantwell was already out on $25,000 bond after he was arrested and charged with illegal and malicious use of gas in Albemarle County during a torch-lit white nationalist rally at the University of Virginia on Aug. 11, 2017.

The judge also ruled Thursday that Cantwell cannot name or reference Emily Gorcenski and Kristopher Goad, counter protesters and alleged victims in the UVA incident, online or in his radio shows. Cantwell filed a lawsuit in December claiming that they were trying to frame him, saying that Gorcenski and Goad used pepper spray on themselves to “maliciously punish, discredit, vex and harass him.”