Maryland House Bans Ex-Gay Torture After Bisexual Rep Reveals Her State Senator Father Asked Her To Try It

Maryland’s Capital Gazette reports:

Del. Meagan Simonaire said in a dramatic speech Wednesday she would vote for a ban on conversion therapy for homosexuality and revealed that her father — state Sen. Bryan Simonaire — asked her to try the discredited treatment after she revealed she was bisexual.

The Republican from Pasadena, who is not seeking re-election after one term, split with her father’s opposition on the measure. The senator tried to block the ban on the Senate floor last week, saying families should have the right to use “loving” conversion therapy.

The House of Delegates voted 95-27 in favor of Senate Bill 1028. The Senate passed the bill last week and it now goes before Gov. Larry Hogan. It bans conversion therapy by licensed medical professionals. It also prohibits the use of state funds for support or referral of the practice.

Hit the link for Meagan’s story, which she told in the third person before confirming that the girl in the story was indeed her. (Tipped by JMG reader Joel)