LOUISIANA: GOP Reps Oppose Bill To Outlaw Bestiality Because It’s A “Trojan Horse” To Legalize Sodomy

The Associated Press reports:

In Louisiana, a proposal to strengthen the law against bestiality is facing unexpected opposition from conservative lawmakers who see it as an underhanded move to strike the state’s unconstitutional ban on sodomy.

Creating a new, wide-ranging anti-bestiality law would untangle the offense from the ban on sodomy in Louisiana’s “crime against nature ” statute, prompting some lawmakers to label the measure a sly chess move.

“This bill was written because the far left wants to undermine our other laws that protect family and traditional values that the people of Louisiana hold dear,” said Sen. Ryan Gatti [photo], a Republican who was one of 10 senators to vote against the bill. “That was our concern, that it most likely will be used as a Trojan horse to delete the sodomy law,” he said.

The bill has passed in the state Senate but faces an unsure fate in the state House, where the Louisiana Family Forum is opposing it. Louisiana is one of a dozen states that still have anti-sodomy laws on the books despite the Supreme Court’s landmark 2003 ruling in Lawrence v Texas.