Liberty Counsel: The Media Uses Satanic Psychological Warfare To Spread Lies About Glorious Leader [VIDEO]

Miranda Blue reports at Right Wing Watch:

Liberty Counsel chairman Mat Staver sent a video message to his group’s supporters today declaring that “America is under siege” by media companies that are attacking President Trump with “psychological warfare” that is straight out of Satan’s playbook in the Garden of Eden. He added that while Trump is “the most pro-life, pro-religious freedom president in the history of America” and the “most pro-American president in modern times,” everything he’s done is at stake in the upcoming midterm elections, including the future of Supreme Court decisions on abortion rights and marriage equality.

In the clip, Staver declares that Satan was telling Eve “fake news” when he said she couldn’t eat the fruit from any trees. In fact, Staver proclaims, that talking snake, in the form of Satan, had only warned against one tree. Oooga booga.