Liberty Counsel Claims California’s Ex-Gay Torture Ban Prohibits Sales Of The Bible (Of Course, It Doesn’t)

Just in from hate group leader Mat Staver:

The California Assembly approved a bill 50-18 that would ban counselors from providing counseling and adults from receiving counsel regarding unwanted same-sex attraction, behavior or gender confusion. The bill is so far reaching that it also prohibits printed material and even books. The bill was sent over to the state Senate for a vote.

AB 2943 would prevent so-called “conversion therapy,” sometimes called Sexual Orientation Change Efforts, and add it to the list of fraudulent schemes under the states’ Consumer Legal Remedies Act. AB 2943 declares “advertising, offering to engage in, or engaging in sexual orientation change efforts with an individual” is fraudulent business practice.

If approved, victims of sexual abuse can no longer get counseling if they develop (as often happens) unwanted urges to engage in same-sex behavior or become gender confused. This bill would also make it unlawful for any person to sell books, including the Bible, counseling services, or anything else that directs people to trust in Jesus Christ to help them overcome unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion.

“The implications of California AB 2943 reach far beyond regulating the type of counseling offered by licensed therapists,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “This bill is unconstitutional as it substitutes the government for personal choice and is a shocking assault on free speech. Imagine a church not allowed to sell Christian books, or even Bibles, that help people overcome same-sex attractions. This bill will do the unimaginable is passed. If it does pass, we will immediately file suit,” said Staver.

Staver says the Liberty Counsel will sue if the bill becomes law. As you surely know, Liberty Counsel has lost such attempts before the US Supreme Court at least three times.

Snopes reports:

In April 2018, the right-wing One America News Network (OAN) interviewed California State Assembly member Travis Allen, who is running for governor as a Republican, about Assembly Bill 2943, a proposed law currently before state legislators. The bill relates to “gay conversion therapy,” but according to Allen and “Tipping Point” host Liz Wheeler, it would effectively ban the sale of Christian books, including the Bible.

In less than 24 hours, a clip of the interview was viewed 1.4 million times on Facebook and triggered multiple inquiries to us about its veracity. In reality, California Assembly Bill (A.B.) 2943 would not ban the sale of Bibles in that state. California Assembly Bill 2943 does not mention the Bible, Christianity, or religion at all, so when Allen claimed that the legislation would “literally” prohibit the sale of the Bible, he was stating something that is demonstrably and clearly false.

Anthony Samson, a Sacramento attorney and policy advisor told us by email that the bill would prohibit conversion therapy “as a commercial service in exchange for monetary compensation,” adding: “It does not apply to the sale of books or any other kind of goods, and it does not prevent anyone from speaking or writing on the subject of conversion therapy in any forum.”