Laura Ingraham Attacks “Stalinist Bullies” In Return To Show Amid Boycott Led By David Hogg [VIDEO]

CBS News reports:

Fox News host Laura Ingraham returned from a one-week vacation last night to “The Ingraham Angle,” a show that now has fewer advertisers as companies pulled their sponsorships over her tweet last month that mocked a Parkland, Florida, school-shooting survivor.

Ingraham lost about 50 percent of her show’s on-air advertising time as nearly 20 companies yanked their commercials in response to protests led by David Hogg, the 17-year old Parkland student she mocked.

Fox News reports:

Laura Ingraham responded to the ongoing silencing and demeaning of conservative voices in America over the past several decades. She said that “bullies on the left” are continuing to “aim to silence conservatives.”

Ingraham said educators first tried to indoctrinate 1980s students into believing Reaganism and conservative Constitutional principles were “racist” because the founders and other key icons of the movement were apparently “racist white men.” “Their ultimate goal was to bully them into silence,” she said. “It failed.”

“Their efforts are Stalinist,” Ingraham said of the left’s intolerance. “We will never relent and we will never give in.” She warned of an impending “transformation of American society… through demonization and silencing.”