Jake Tapper Blasts RNC Chair: Why Do You Call Comey A Liar But Ignore Trump’s Thousands Of Lies? [VIDEO]

This afternoon RNC chair Ronna McDaniel appeared on CNN where Jake Tapper ripped her for ignoring Glorious Leader’s thousands of lies while launching an official GOP website titled “Lyin’ Comey.” Via Mediaite:

Tapper talked about the new RNC site and began listing a “sample” of President Donald Trump‘s lies, including that vaccines cause autism and that Barack Obama was not born in this country.

“The Washington Post reported that President Trump has made more than 2400 false or misleading claims since inauguration,” Tapper said. “Why do you care about James Comey telling the truth but not President Trump?”

“The media has an obsession with covering President Trump,” McDaniel responded, to which Tapper replied dryly: “We cover the president, yes.”

“But they have covered him nonstop in probably the most negative way that we’ve seen for any president,” McDaniel clarified. “But [we] know that they’re going to bring James Comey on and we don’t think he’s gonna get the proper vetting. That is something we want to make sure that the facts get out.”