GOD SAVE THE QUEEN: Sec. Ryan Zinke’s Office Took $200K Estimate For Flag Poles To Signify His Presence

Swampity swamp swamp swamp:

The Interior Department took estimates for setting up four flag poles outside its main building in Washington, D.C., to fly personal flags for Secretary Ryan Zinke at a cost as high as $200,000, according to internal emails released Monday by the agency.

The department ultimately decided against installing the new poles, the documents show, choosing instead in March 2017 to use three smaller, existing poles on top of its building. Zinke has received media attention for his desire to fly specialized flags above the department that would signify his presence. Zinke is a former Navy SEAL.

An Interior spokeswoman said he wanted to fly the flag as a way of restoring honor and tradition to the department. Critics have mocked the use of the flags, comparing Zinke to the Queen of the United Kingdom.