Focus On The Family: We Had To Get Reclassified As A “Church” In Order To Protect The Privacy Of Our Donors

The Christian Post reports:

Focus on the Family is defending its decision to have the Internal Revenue Service officially reclassify the Christian nonprofit as a “church,” denouncing the efforts of some to ascribe “sinister” intentions to the change.

An article published in February by the liberal group People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch site documenting Focus on the Family’s reclassification has been getting extensive attention in recent weeks. The piece noted that the Colorado-based conservative Christian organization has long identified as a non-church 501(c)(3) nonprofit. By 2015 fiscal year, it had been relabeled a “church.”

Paul Batura, vice president of communications for Focus on the Family, told The Christian Post that the news stories on their reclassification as a church give “sinister and fictitious motives to our application.” Batura explained that the main reason for the reclassification was to protect the identities of donors to the conservative Christian organization.

As I reported last week, FOTF’s reclassification was granted after they declared that all 600 of their employees are both ministers and members of the FOTF congregation, which holds prayer meetings in their office “chapelteria” – also known as a break room. Oh, and anybody who listens to their radio show is also a member of their congregation. The Liberty Counsel has likewise been reclassified as a church.