Far-Right Melts Down Over Syria Strike: Fuck Trump!

Mediaite reports:

President Donald Trump’s announcement that the U.S. was joining France and Britain in a coordinated airstrike against Syria broke Alex Jones. “What the fuck!” Jones shouted, pounding his fist on the table. “Is there nobody fucking pure in this goddamned fucking world?!”

“You fucking goddamn degenerate fucks!” Jones said. “I shouldn’t be on air right now.” And then, while invoking his ex-wife’s custody of their kids, Jones wept.

“They said if you just turn against Trump it would be better, but he was doing good, and that’s what makes it so bad,” Jones said, breaking down. “If he had been a piece a crap from the beginning it wouldn’t be so bad. But we made so many sacrifices. And now he’s crapping all over us it makes me sick.” His co-host looked on, concerned.

The Daily Beast reports:

Ann Coulter spent the evening retweeting criticism of the strike, remarking on Twitter that former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe might beat Trump in 2020 “if you promised no more ‘stupid wars.’”

Michael Savage, a popular conservative radio talk show personality, livestreamed himself at dinner blasting the president, saying that America had become “a nation of idiots” in the wake of the attack. “My opinion is that this is the greatest disaster of the Trump presidency,” Savage said while pointing the camera at a plate of beans.

Infowars founder Alex Jones, a former libertarian Ron Paul supporter, launched into several conspiratorial rants about the nature of the strike, breaking down in tears and railing against Trump and Secretary of Defense James Mattis. “Fuck Trump, and fuck these fucking people,” Jones said.

The video is really something, even for Jones.