Emails Prove Diamond & Silk Lied About Facebook

Zircon and Burlap have been on Fox multiple times this week to repeat their claim that Facebook marked their page as “unsafe” and then refused to respond to their appeals for an explanation. Because liberal censorship. Well, then.

The Hill reports:

Facebook reached out to pro-Trump vloggers Diamond and Silk days before the duo claimed that they had not heard from the social media company about why their page was deemed “unsafe for the community.”

Emails obtained by conservative writer Erick Erickson’s blog “The Resurgent” show that the company tried contacting Diamond and Silk on Monday. Erickson also reported that the company tried calling them twice on Tuesday.

One email, which was sent to private addresses associated with the duo’s Facebook accounts, explained that the website had introduced new guidelines for accounts eligible to earn money through Facebook in September of last year.

UPDATE:  ThinkProgress provides an analysis of their Facebook metrics which further exposes their lies.