Drudge Promotes Claim That YouTube Brought Shooting On Themselves With Their “Oppressive Censorship”

At this writing the top headline on homocon Matt Drudge’s site screams “Oppressive YOUTUBE Censorship Spills Over To Violence.” Drudge’s link goes to a post on the loony tunes right wing site PJ Media:

The news that a content creator who was demonetized and censored by YouTube snapped and went homicidal at the company’s headquarters points to an ugly systemic problem. YouTube creators have been asking for over a year for YouTube to communicate honestly and fairly with its creators, demanding an explanation for why some channels are demonetized and others with similar content aren’t.

YouTube’s continued refusal to publicly address these deletions, bannings, and demonetizations has led to seething anger among content creators and subscribers, which may have now spilled over into homicidal behavior by Nasim Aghdam (we don’t yet know for certain what Aghdam’s motive was).

While there is never an excuse for shooting innocent people, Aghdam’s frustration with YouTube highlights ongoing problems that must be addressed by the company: mass deletions, loss of livelihood, and censorship. They seem to think they don’t have to answer to anyone, including the press, about the asinine business decisions they keep making that suppress the First Amendment and oppress their own content creators.

RELATED: The PJ Media post was written by Megan Fox, whom you may recall is the entirely sane creationist sidekick to freak show homocon Kevin DuJan, who is most infamous for spawning the still-going claim in the fever swamps that Barack Obama is secretly gay and frequented Chicago bathhouses. (Not to mention the time that DuJan led a campaign to game the public voting for Dancing With The Stars to favor Bristol Palin.) Fox herself became an internet laughingstock in 2014 for her batshit “audit” of the Chicago Field Museum, where she claimed that dragons are real and evolution is fake.