Kellyanne Conway Snipes At Colleagues Over Book Calling Her The “Number One” White House Leaker

“I have a great working relationship and a great relationship with Jared and Ivanka, had dinner with them recently at their house. He [Trump] knows about this story, and he has said publicly and privately who the leakers and the liars are and have been. Those of us who have the privilege of actually having access to him and working here every day inspires a lot of backbiting and jealousy itself. I’ve survived a lot of people and continue to be here.

“Leakers get great press. And one day, Abby I will have my say. So that will be very, very fascinating. I will have my say. I really keep my counsel while I’m here. People ought to think thrice about that. We learned a long time ago around here, that people who say ‘enemy of the people, opposition party, fake news, biased media,’ they can talk to the media all day long and nobody suspects them.” – Kellyanne Conway, swiping at colleagues today on Fox & Friends.