CNN Analyst Jabs Trump’s Fruitless Search For Lawyers: Trump Is Being Reduced To Using LegalZoom [VIDEO]

The Hill reports:

A CNN analyst on Wednesday mocked President Trump, saying he has been “reduced to LegalZoom” to find lawyers to represent him. “What the president needs is a lawyer with experience in criminal law. He still doesn’t have one,” Jeffrey Toobin, CNN chief legal analyst, said during a panel on CNN.

“It is an extraordinary spectacle to see the president reduced to LegalZoom, I think, to get who’s going to represent him.” Toobin said he has “no doubt” Trump will find another lawyer.

“The idea that this extremely prestigious assignment is being turned down because he doesn’t listen to lawyers, he thinks he’s smarter than lawyers, he doesn’t pay lawyers — I mean this is a problem for him,” Toobin said.