Chinese Billionaire Sues Roger Stone For $100M

The Miami New Times reports:

Roger Stone, South Florida’s infamous political hit man, is not capable of keeping his mouth shut. He has spent decades on the attack, getting called in when, say, politicians want someone to stage a fake riot or smear the parents of a dead American soldier.

But Stone has now pissed off someone with deep pockets and a similar zest for combat: Guo Wengui, the mysterious, recently exiled Chinese billionaire known in America as “Miles Kwok,” is suing Stone for defamation in Miami federal court after Stone criticized him on InfoWars earlier this year.

Guo claims Stone slandered him when Stone accused Guo of funneling money to both Hillary Clinton and Steve Bannon; the billionaire now wants $100 million from the political consultant-turned-media figure.

Stone says the suit is a “Kwok of Schiff.”

In early January, Matt Drudge tweeted this: “Steve Bannon finding opportunity and happiness in the arms of a new billionaire benefactor, Miles Kwok, aka Guo Wengui. Mercer is yesterday’s mashed potatoes.” No lawsuit for Drudge? There’s much more at the link.