China Retaliates With Tariffs On US Food Imports

The Guardian reports:

China has implemented retaliatory tariffs of up to 25% on $3bn in food imports from the US, raising uncertainty over the possibility of a trade war between the two countries.

China’s ministry of commerce said it would be “suspending tariff concessions” on 120 US food products. Fresh and dried fruits, almonds, pistachios and wine would be subject to an additional 15% tariff. Eight other items, including frozen pork, would be subject to a 25% tariff. The tariffs would begin on Monday, the ministry said.

The tariffs were in line with a list of potential duties on $3bn worth of US products released two weeks ago in response to Donald Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminium. The US president has also promised to levy 25% on $60bn in annual imports from China.

NBC News reports:

In a sign that China could further its retaliatory campaign against the White House, the Global Times, a newspaper published by the ruling Communist Party, warned that “American politicians better realize sooner rather than later that China would never submit if the U.S. launched a trade war.”

“Even though China and the U.S. have not publicly said they are in a trade war, the sparks of such a war have already started to fly,” the editorial added. A bigger clash now appears to loom over Trump’s approval of possible higher duties on nearly $50 billion of Chinese goods in a separate argument over technology policy.