Alex Jones Sued By Massachusetts Man Falsely Named By InfoWars As Suspect In Parkland Mass Shooting

The Daily Beast reports:

Marcel Fontaine, who was falsely declared a suspect in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting by conspiracy-theorist website InfoWars, is now suing Alex Jones for more than a million dollars.

Fontaine, a young man from Massachusetts, filed suit in the district court of Travis County, Texas on Monday against InfoWars head Alex Jones; InfoWars reporter Kit Daniels; InfoWars LLC; and Free Speech Systems, LLC, InfoWars’ parent company. The suit charges that InfoWars “irreparably tainted” his reputation in a report that falsely claimed he was suspected as the Stoneman Douglas shooter.

Daniels’ story about the shooting, published Feb. 14, included a picture of Fontaine. “And another alleged photo of the suspect shows communist garb,” Daniels wrote, above the picture of Fontaine. “Shooter is a commie,” InfoWars blared.