White Supremacist Group Banned From Charlottesville

The Hill reports:

A white supremacist group that took part in the deadly Charlottesville, Va., Unite the Right rally last year will no longer be able to protest in the city, a Virginia court has decided. The League of the South, a neo-Confederate hate group, reached a deal with city organizers on Monday to keep its members, agents or state chairmen from taking part in any future demonstrations in Charlottesville, according to the watchdog Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

The deal does not require any admission of wrongdoing by the group. Spencer Borum, the group’s Kentucky leader, has taken an active role in arming and training the League of the South for possible civil conflict in the U.S., the SPLC says. Another League of the South leader, Michael Tubbs, pleaded guilty to the 1991 robbery of weapons from an Army base with the intention of arming the Ku Klux Klan, as reported by the Daily Beast.

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