UTAH: State Bar Association “Horrified” After Email Blast Plugs Lawyers Convention With Photo Of Boobies

Salt Lake City’s Fox affiliate reports:

Lawyers across Utah opened their email inboxes on Monday afternoon to be greeted by an image of a topless woman. An email shared with FOX 13 that included an image of a topless woman.

The email (shared with FOX 13 by several lawyers) was advertising the Utah State Bar’s annual spring convention in St. George when an image of a woman’s breasts was somehow attached. The Utah State Bar, which certifies all attorneys in Utah, was mortified and quickly sent out an apology to everyone on the email list.

“We are horrified,” John Baldwin, executive director of the Bar, said in an email. “We are investigating to discover how this occurred. Our goal is to find out what happened and insure it never happens again.”