UNSHOCKING: Sociologists Find That Support For Trump Is Largely Driven By White Christian Nationalism

A new study by a team of university sociologists purports to reveal that support for Trump is largely driven by “white Christian nationalism.” The study examines support for statements such as “the federal government should declare the United States as a Christian nation” and includes an accounting of “anti-black prejudice” and views of Muslims and immigrants.

From the Washington Post:

First, Americans who agreed with the various measures of Christian nationalism were much more likely to vote for Trump, even after controlling for other influences, such as political ideology, political party and other cultural factors proposed as possible explanations.

Even when holding constant a host of other explanations, a Democrat at the higher end of the index was three times more likely to vote for Trump than a Democrat at the lower end of Christian nationalist ideology. For independents, the probability of voting for Trump increased moving across the range of the Christian nationalism scale. Likewise, Republicans scoring low in Christian nationalism were significantly less likely to vote for Trump than those scoring high on the index.

Second, we find that Americans’ religious beliefs, behaviors and affiliation did not directly influence voting for Trump. In fact, once Christian nationalism was taken into account, other religious measures had no direct effect on how likely someone was to vote for Trump. These measures of religion mattered only if they made someone more likely to see the United States as a Christian nation.

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