Trump Regularly Calls GOP Reps After Their State TV Appearances To Offer Compliments And Advice

Business Insider reports:

After one of Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz’s first appearances on cable news, he got a call from someone offering some advice. “Don’t let people talk over you,” President Donald Trump told Gaetz, the Florida congressman recalled in a recent interview.

From one of his biggest fans, Gaetz has received compliments on a new haircut, backup on an argument, and pointers on his presence. Gaetz is one of four Republican members of Congress who have told Business Insider that Trump often likes to give them a call moments after they appear on cable news.

After a recent appearance on “Fox & Friends,” Gaetz said, Trump called him to give him a compliment courtesy of first lady Melania Trump. “One of the last times I spoke with the president, he said Melania had seen me on ‘Fox & Friends,’ and she told him there was this really handsome guy on television talking about him,” he said.

Hit the link for quotes from other GOP reps who have gotten the same calls from Glorious Leader.